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Industrial SLA 3D Printing:
A deep dive into process capability and application versatility

Featured Customer: Renault Sport Formula One Team

3D Systems, the pioneer of Stereolithography, invites you to watch the on demand webinar to learn why SLA is the most widely used and trusted 3D printing technology in the world today. Explore how the technology has evolved from primarily a prototyping and research tool to a platform that touches nearly every step in the product development and manufacturing processes. Also hear from Renault Sport Formula One Team and how the company has matured from a single 3D printer shop in 1998 to a multi-unit advanced digital manufacturing center today.

Play the recording to learn:


Why SLA is the gold standard of excellence in 3D printing and additive manufacturing with quality that rivals injection-molded output


The broad application flexibility and material selection of SLA for prototypes and end-use parts to casting patterns, rapid tools and fixtures


How the Renault Sport Formula One Team expanded its capabilities from form and fit testing to tooling, jigs and fixtures, and wind tunnel test components and flow rigs to investment casting patterns and discovered new use cases too

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can integrate SLA 3D printing to your current and future design and manufacturing workflows to speed product development and bring new ideas to market faster.

Webinar details:


1 hour


Patrick Dunne, VP, Advanced Application Development, 3D Systems

Pat Warner, ADM Manager, Renault Sport Formula One Team

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Renault Sport Racing 3D Printing Application EXAMPLES

Hydraulic Manifold Aid

Flow Rigs

Wind Tunnel Test Components

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